Monday, 19 August 2013

Conversion Matters: Non-Bingo Players To Bingo Players!

It is surprising to know that there are many casino players who haven't tried playing bingo games at all. Though they are very much knowledgeable about gambling they still didn't find a reason to play bingo. All these players have to be converted into bingo players explaining how bingo games can score better than casino games. The following are some of the false notions that keep casino players away from bingo:

  • Casino bonuses are way too high than online bingo bonuses
  • Lack of variety in bingo
  • Complex withdrawal requirements in bingo
  • No way for easy money

Too many promotional offers:

Any bingo player from the industry would definitely contradict the above notions and corroborate with facts. There are plenty of online bingo bonus available for players to grab and enjoy. Each site try and woo players with great deal of promotional offers that require them to deposit less and earn more. So much that players get free gaming hours, opportunity to double winnings, gain more loyalty points, etc., through these offers. Therefore, the belief that casino bonuses are way too high than online bingo bonuses doesn't hold water any more.

Not just bingo!

Bingo games no more lack variety as there are plethora of other gaming options available to players on most online bingo sites. For instance, in addition to bingo variations such as 80 Ball, 90 Ball, 75 Ball, and 30 Ball, there are a wide array of mini games under categories such as Slots, Casino, and Scratch-cards. Put together all these games would amount to a great deal of fun and entertainment. Players can switch among these games at will to seek fun; stave off boredom and loneliness. Hence,
lack of variety is no longer an issue with bingo games.

Dig more money!

Unlike casino, bingo withdrawal requirements are far too easy and feasible. This will augment the process of withdrawals, helping the players to get their account credited speedily. Also, the chances of making huge sums are remarkably high in bingo coveralls, full house and jackpots. Having a proper game plan by making the right usage of offers can land players into the treasure trove. From thereon, they need to build up their wins using gaming skills and bringing in their experience. It can be a joyous ride winning these games as they are simple to play and earn.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to bring out the real facts about bingo and educate the non-bingo players.


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