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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

World Of Online Bingo Games.

        Bingo is a game of chance. Each player receives a ticket in which  numbers are printed randomly. It depends on luck. It is famous in foreign countries like UK and US. Firstly the game bingo has started in Italy in 1500s later it came into existence to other European countries in 1700s.

 How to play Bingo:
           Each player consists of a numbered ticket caller reads out the numbers and the player has to mark the numbers if the numbers are present in their tickets. The player wins by completing a line or multiple lines or a full house. It is a fun spread game played by both adults and the children.
Bingo can be played through online also. Some of the websites will provide free bingo games to play and for some websites people has to deposit money to play. This game can be played with numbered tickets as well as with cards also. There are two types of bingo cards

  • 5x5 grid meant for 75-ball bingo which is largely played in the U.S.
  • The other uses a 9x3 grid for or 90-ball U.K style Housie.
Electronic Bingo:

         Most of the UK bingo clubs offers electronic bingo. To increase the winnings players buy 6 standard tickets. It is very expensive playing electronic bingo when compared to normal.To encourage the players it is offers some special packages.

Mechanized cash bingo
      Mechanized cash bingo differs from paper bingo. This is entirely based on colors so that the players do not get confused while playing the game. In this,the numbers are colored in different colors.

        In the UK, entering into the bingo hall premises or taking part in online bingo is illegal to anyone under the age of 18 because it is regarded as gambling. It is an area where people can suffer from gambling. Previously it is treated as a gambling but now it is regarded as a leisure industry.
          In UK, Players under the age of 18taking part in online bingo is considered as a illegal activity. Before it was treated as a gambling but now it is treating as a entertainment.

 Online bingo

       Online bingo is a game played through the internet. Online bingo games uses Random generator which is used to generate numbers or symbols in sequence.There are 4 types of bingo can be played in different countries like 75 ball game,90 ball game,30 ball game and 80 ball game. The first online bingo game was came into existence in the year 1996 called Bingo Zone. It was played for free. Another free bingo game has launched Bingo Blitz in 1998.

               People who are interested in playing online bingo can download the respective software and can play themselves. There are many free online bingo games that are provided for the players who are interested. Online bingo is very famous in foreign countries. It is mostly played in U.K. Bingo can be played through also. There is a possibility of occurring gambling through mobile bingo.


Bingo sites provides some free bingo offers to the players to get more attracted towards the game. Some of the offers are:

Bingo lotto:

It offers free online bingo games with bingo tournaments all through the week form 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm. Winners of every hour is awarded with 25 Bingo Lotto Bucks which can be used as a payment for Bingo lotto.

Games ville:

Games ville offers two free bingo games which gets the chance to win cold,hard cash. Three-eyed Bingo is a free bingo game at Games ville that has a high jackpot.

Yahoo games:

Yahoo games offers free online bingo games to play in their own bingo rooms to play. Free online yahoo bingo games are not providing any prizes instead they offer different kinds of pattrens of bingo games to play in their free online bingo games.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Special bingo patterns to entertain you at Gone Bingo

Gone bingo is absolutely providing exciting bingo offers to the bingo players this September. Play online bingo with exciting offers and have fun. There is a opportunity to be a bingo star in this month. Grab the chance of being a bingo star by participating in 75 ball bingo.

Gone bingo-Special offers:

Play special number of pattern games score real points and win real cash prizes. Winners are awarded
with £1500 cash giveaway and the top 20 players will be awarded with exciting prizes. The 20 players score most of points and top the charts will win a share.

How to play:

  • Play number pattern games from 1 to 10
  • Bingo on any pattern and ,score the equal number of patterns.
  • For example,if you win on the 8 pattern u will get ' 8 ' points,and similarly ' 6 ' points for the 6 pattern.
  • Keep playing, and at the end of the month, the top 20 players to score the most points will WIN REAL CASH PRIZES.

Cash prizes for the top 20 players:

Position Cash prizes
5th - 10th
11th - 15th
16th - 20th
Winnings will be crediting on 1st October before 5 pm GMT.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Gone Bingo UK Most Preferred Online Bingo Site

Gone bingo UK is one of the most preferred online bingo site. It is one of the fastest growing online bingo rooms in UK.It has come up with best promotions in this month of August.Here you have chance of winning huge cash rewards and huge bingo bonuses. You have friendly atmosphere at the site with exciting games,friendly chat,massive jackpots and huge bingo bonuses.Every month you have this kind of promotions. It offers you a great selection like 90 Ball bingo,75 Ball bingo, slots, casino, scratch cards and many more.

Bask in Jackpot Glory
Bask in the Jackpot glory is the latest promotion at 80 Ball Bingo. They are guaranteed games and guaranteed wins this august. Play 4 Jackpot games daily month along from 7PM to 10PM. You can grab up to £25,000 this august, join today at the site and try your luck to win huge cash rewards.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Latest Bingo Promotions

Its 6th Anniversary celebration time at Harrys bingo. It has decided to make this event special by announcing faboluous offers for all bingo players. As it is sixth anniversary they have decided to give away " Fab Six to the Winners". Wondering what this fab six are?. Here we go,

  • Apple I pad
  • Google Nexus,
  • Samsung widescreen
  • Panasonic Microwave Oven
  • GHD IV Mini Styler
  • Magimix Ice cream Maker
Be a winner with a sixer. Play 6 hours of free games in 80 Ball Bingo room every day and earn up to £6000 Bonus. 6AM to 8AM, 10AM to 12PM, 9PM to 11PM are the timings to play no deposit bingo. Collect your 20 free cards in each game and start exploring the bingo game play. Register today and be lucky player to win fab six offers this august.

Site of the Month

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Top New Bingo Sites

Find all the latest online bingo sites that are launched recently in the market. Get to know about the total information about the sites like type of the software they are using, latest promotion, Sign up offers and many more.

Vampire Bingo

Vampire Bingo one of popular gaming site provided by Cozy Games. It is part of WBN( Winnersbingo network). Now you can enjoy your favorite bingo games on mobile. Find the more information about the bonuses below.

  • 750% Bonus on your 3 Deposits
  • 1st Deposit- 200%
  • 2nd Deposit – 250%
  • 3rd Deposit - 300%

Join today and to win huge cash rewards and bingo bonuses

BraveHeart Bingo

BraveHeart bingo is one of the new bingo sites to open on beast gaming software. It is scotlands best online bingo site. You can find different kind of games apart from bingo like poker games, 3D scratch cards, fun games, retro games and many more.

Features of the site:
  • 300% Signup Bonus
  • Deposit £10 Get £40 to Play
  • £10,000 in jackpots every month
Soon they are even going on mobile. So, you can be able to enjoy your favorite games on your smartphone or tablets.

Rapchick Bingo

Rapchick bingo one of the latest online bingo site with best bingo offers and promotions around. It offers best 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games, Instant games and huge Jackpots.

  • 200% Bonus on First Deposit
  • Get Over £20 Free on first deposit of £10
  • Spin the deck for an extra £5- £2,500
  • Bonus Guaranteed on your £10 Deposit
To grab all the above offers all you have to do is join the site and play bingo online. There is also a jackpot called as community jackpot which offers players the opportunity to grab a share from the Community Pot worth £2,500

Monday, 19 August 2013

Conversion Matters: Non-Bingo Players To Bingo Players!

It is surprising to know that there are many casino players who haven't tried playing bingo games at all. Though they are very much knowledgeable about gambling they still didn't find a reason to play bingo. All these players have to be converted into bingo players explaining how bingo games can score better than casino games. The following are some of the false notions that keep casino players away from bingo:

  • Casino bonuses are way too high than online bingo bonuses
  • Lack of variety in bingo
  • Complex withdrawal requirements in bingo
  • No way for easy money

Too many promotional offers:

Any bingo player from the industry would definitely contradict the above notions and corroborate with facts. There are plenty of online bingo bonus available for players to grab and enjoy. Each site try and woo players with great deal of promotional offers that require them to deposit less and earn more. So much that players get free gaming hours, opportunity to double winnings, gain more loyalty points, etc., through these offers. Therefore, the belief that casino bonuses are way too high than online bingo bonuses doesn't hold water any more.

Not just bingo!

Bingo games no more lack variety as there are plethora of other gaming options available to players on most online bingo sites. For instance, in addition to bingo variations such as 80 Ball, 90 Ball, 75 Ball, and 30 Ball, there are a wide array of mini games under categories such as Slots, Casino, and Scratch-cards. Put together all these games would amount to a great deal of fun and entertainment. Players can switch among these games at will to seek fun; stave off boredom and loneliness. Hence,
lack of variety is no longer an issue with bingo games.

Dig more money!

Unlike casino, bingo withdrawal requirements are far too easy and feasible. This will augment the process of withdrawals, helping the players to get their account credited speedily. Also, the chances of making huge sums are remarkably high in bingo coveralls, full house and jackpots. Having a proper game plan by making the right usage of offers can land players into the treasure trove. From thereon, they need to build up their wins using gaming skills and bringing in their experience. It can be a joyous ride winning these games as they are simple to play and earn.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to bring out the real facts about bingo and educate the non-bingo players.